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Elks E-Tale Online for November 2015

We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Who Can Join?

To be eligible for membership in the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, you must be a citizen of the United States over the age of 21 who believes in God.

Benefits of being an Elk

At the local level in Tucson Elks Lodge #385, our members are all friends who enjoy the camaraderie and fun times. We have a great time helping the local communities, charities, veteran services and the youth of our country through this fellowship. In general it’s a fun atmosphere having good times enjoying weekend dinners, steak nights, pancake breakfasts, golf outings, picnics, sporting events and helping others.

How Can You Join?

We invite all citizens of the United States over the age of 21 who believes in God to join us in our noble work. Simply respond through this web site** requesting membership information and application for membership. You will be contacted by an Elk member who will assist you with detailed information on how to apply for membership in the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of The United States of America.

Who Are Elks?

The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America is one of the oldest and largest fraternal organizations in the country. Since its inception in

1868, the Order of Elks has grown to include more than 1 million men and women in more than 2,100 communities.


The BPO Elks is committed to the ideals of charity and patriotism. To that end, Elks have now disbursed, over the course of the Order's history, more than $3.6 billion in cash, goods, and services to the nation's youth, its veterans, the disadvantaged and handicapped, and to individuals and groups in support of patriotic and civic programs. Annually the BPO Elks give more than $200 Million in this fashion, and the Order ranks as one of the largest private providers of college scholarships in the nation.


The Elks have created a quiet network of good deeds that has profoundly changed millions of lives for the better, yet there is little public awareness of the impact of their vital work. Why is this so? Quite simply, the Elks have rarely sought recognition; nor have they gone to the general public with fund-raising efforts nor received monies from any level of government. Indeed, the flow of money and goods moves in the opposite direction: the Elks donated to the government the first veterans hospital; they contribute regularly to schools and police and fire departments; and they assist the young and the needy throughout this great nation.

Famous Elks

Although the original Elks were actors and entertainers, members of other professions soon joined the organization. Today's Elks represent just about the full spectrum of occupations in America.

Throughout the course of the Order's history, many celebrities from the entertainment field, business and public service have been Elks. Presidents Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John Kennedy were all Elks. Former President Gerald Ford belongs to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lodge, where his father served two terms as Exalted Ruler (Lodge president).

Of course, many members of Congress have been Elks, too. Former Speakers of the House Tip O'Neill, Carl Albert, John McCormick and Sam Rayburn all belonged to the fraternity. Former Speaker Tom Foley belongs to Spokane, Washington, Lodge. And the late Hale Boggs of Louisiana was also an Elk.

Entertainers Lawrence Welk, Will Rogers, Jack Benny and Andy Devine belonged, too. Devine was even Exalted Ruler of San Fernando, California, Lodge. And Clint Eastwood is a member of Monterey, California, Lodge.

From the sports world, the Order has counted among its members the likes of Vince Lombardi, Casey Stengel, Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford and Jim Finks.